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The most notorious of these media outlets is NBC, with the Dateline series "To Catch a Predator" catching the eyes and ears of millions of viewers.Unfortunately, the government has responded to the political pressure that comes along with this kind of media coverage and public outrage.At Phillips & Associates, our internet sex crime lawyers carefully explore every viable defense option to develop the optimal strategy for your case.When it seems as if the world is against you, we are on your side, protecting your rights and privileges through judicious legal counsel and quality defense representation.We defend Internet sex charges such as: We also offer post-conviction and appeal services for those already charged with a sex crime in Michigan.Let us help you have your record expunged after your sex crime conviction.With the click of a button, a user can instantly chat with someone across the street or around the globe.Digital images are downloaded or distributed in a matter of seconds.

Thank you for reading 10 free articles on our site.Any person who knowingly possesses child pornography in Michigan is guilty of a felony and subject to up to 4 years in prison or a ,000 fine, according to the Michigan Penal Code (750.145c).If the person accused of child pornography possession in Michigan knows or has reason to know that a person depicted in the material is under 18, both a fine of ,000 and a 4 year jail sentence are applicable.You need great legal representation to guide you through the judicial process, and help you win your case.In recent years, the media in Sebastian has created hysteria associated with respect to computer sex crimes involving minors.

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