Roy chiu and rainie yang dating

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Through Sun De Rong (her manger), she says that michael have the plans of getting married, but she doesn't want to get married in the next 5 years, they can't compromise to each other, thus, they decided to break up.

According to her, he’s This Taiwanese singer was connected to many attractive men and it’s hard to distinguish real relationships between all those rumors.

Since news broke last week that Roy Qiu had a picture of Tang Yan in his race car as his good luck goddess, a slew of inside sources and sleuthing have emerged to pretty much confirm that the two are likely dating. Awww, another real life couple have emerged for the RL-shipping fans.

I wanted to hear what either side said before I posted about it, and yesterday Roy’s manager said “He has a crush on her, that is why her picture is in his race car.

In other words, she emphasizes that the two of them are single and it is normal for them to date.

However, Roy Qiu's ex-girlfriend Rainie Yang have not give them any wishes.3Chen Qiao En who's 30 years old dated with her austrialian boyfriend of the same age for 4 years.

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