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This scene runs nine minutes but Luna keeps it interesting with her terrific acting.

Even the last minute when the buzzsaw actually ravages her body (something that is not my cup of tea) was not gory enough to turn me off, and Luna screams wonderfully right to the very end.

Revelation : EXPLANATION: English translations of the original Bible text can become barriers to understanding the meaning of the Bible.

Translators commonly translate the underlined word in this and similar verses as "soon." The Greek word here is ταχύ (, pronoucnced TAKH • oo).

She has been a talent to contend with in competitive model engineering since the 1960's and is still producing amazing work. February 25, 2017Photos of two of our newer museum displays were added to the "Displays" page.

One is the Chippewa steam launch model by Gordon Wiles and the other is a model of the 1799 USS Essex American Frigate made by Norman Wuytens.

All the while she can hear Luna’s screams for help and knows what will be her fate.This section will mainly focus on doing surveys on a fairly small local scale, and we will give you some ideas about where to find information should you need to do a survey on a larger scale.A survey is a way of collecting information that you hope represents the views of the whole community or group in which you are interested.Man's time for you will cease "in the twinkling of an eye." Your sins for which you must account to God and your opportunities to serve the Master will be instantly sealed. Are you, your family, and your neighbors ready for the return of Jesus? Is this a good time to start working for the Kingdom?God's clock is ticking second by second toward your encounter with Him, and this encounter may be very soon.

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