Young women dating object lesson

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I thought it was a pretty fantastic lesson that we could all teach our own kids pretty easily.

So, I read your bullying post last night, and it made my just heart ache.

I believe our modern church system screens out a certain type of boy.

Stick with me for a minute: I decided to stop by the store this morning and buy a couple apples.

During our morning meeting (where we sit in a circle and do spiral lessons), I told my class we were going to try something different and I showed them my two apples and asked them to list the differences and similarities between the two apples. A couple laughed uncomfortably, but for the most part they thought I had lost my mind. “Now pass it to the person next to you so they can say something mean to the apple, too!

Congratulations: the stage is set for the female-heavy church of the future. Before we dive in, let me state the obvious: Many a man's religious reticence is his own fault. But let's be honest: Women suffer from these things as well.

Nothing in Scripture suggests women are less prone to sin or pride than men.

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