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This will give me a better understanding of the issue at hand so that we can resolve it in the most efficient way possible. PETER_: ok Mohd: Peter, as I understand you are looking for the 105 mbps download speed upgrade, correct?If you've only got ~50 devices on the network, then any /24 ( netmask) will more then suffice What do you estimate your growth to be? That's a consideration you need to take into account The performance side of things, I'd probably leave any performance impact to be theoretical. Do you plan on having statically configured devices? There's a lot of scope in this area Just because the "default" mask for a space is something large doesn't mean you have to use that mask with that space.And management, well, that may depend on the tool used. You IP address management may start in the form of a spreadsheet. I would pick a subnet in the 10/8 space, like the other hand, if you have a site policy of avoiding 192.168, it makes it easy to use such addresses for local playing (ie VMware). We use the 10.1 subset but some client sites exposed within our intranet use 192.168, the result being that when I work from home I can resolve all domains but cannot access some sites without doing SSH-in-RDP.Write down the thoughts you want to share, and — if they’re available — check out the questions or description that the host provides before the chat.

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