Who is jacob latimore dating

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Now, a rep for Miles has stepped in to tell from a show.That’s partially why TV and movies are so great — you can basically invent another life for those made-up people outside of their onscreen world.Jacob Latimore is on a creative roll: His first album, “Connection,” was released at the beginning of December, and he’s starring with Will Smith in the Warner Bros. And I had to put aside the fact that I was working with the biggest movie star in the world. I thought too hard in the beginning, like “What is time? I knew I wanted to dive in, and I started pressing people.pic “Collateral Beauty.” He also has two other films in the works: He’ll play the central role of Bo, a young street magician, in WWE Studios’ “Sleight,” scheduled to open in April, and he’s working with Kathryn Bigelow on an untitled Detroit-based project. One of the greatest things he said to me was, “If we can make people laugh and cry in one scene, we’re killing it.” When I looked at the movie, I found myself crying and laughing, and I told myself, “Man, he was right.” There’s not a dry eye in the room, and there’s a smile on everyone’s face because the movie brings a beautiful energy. “Our goal with Let’s face it, superpowers aren’t very realistic.But Bo is way more like Iron Man in that his mind is his greatest asset: Bo dropped out of college — and left behind a fantastic engineering scholarship — after his mom died and he had to take care of his younger sister Tina (Storm Reid).

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“I think it is cool how they can all do a film, take a break, drop an album and go platinum.” Next up for Latimore is the Showtime drama “The Chi,” co-starring Alex Hibbert of “Moonlight.” For now, he’s hopeful viewers will connect with his latest role.

This story first appeared in the January 03, 2017 issue of Variety.

He was telling me, “You gotta come at me — don’t respect me in this scene.” Because I’m the youngest in the cast, and I’m the newcomer on the block, I had to prove myself. I had to learn about electromagnetic stuff, because Bo takes a crazy turn with his magic. I thought music was really my thing, but I knew I had to try different things.

The rumors began when fans posted photos of Miles and Justin together, looking very close and comfortable with one another.

Sure, the photos look like Miles and Justin are super-tight friends, but that doesn’t mean they’re dating.

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