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This root in turn is derived from Latin root “vitrum” which means “glass”.A term which is cognate to this root is “in vitro” which means “in glass”; you may have seen this term in relation to “in vitro fertilization”.The other plus point to DMX was (and still is) the fact that a signal cable could be daisy chained from one DMX unit to the next and the next until all the lighting equipment was connected by one single chain of signal cables.This is particularly important when controlling moving lights as it minimises the cable required.

Although the selfish, ugly American attitude has always been with us, it has never so thoroughly permeated the policy and pronouncements of the Chief Executive and his party as it does today.

Ideally, once the basic needs of food, shelter, and safety are satisfied, we are more readily able to give to others less fortunate or in crisis.

But sometimes, people become lost in the inner gesture of taking, and it becomes an overwhelming, never satisfied hunger.

Well there are two types of fertilization: one is “in vivo” (in the living system, in the life form) and other is “in vitro” (as the fertilization is done in Petri dish which is made of glass.) Vitrify (V): convert into glass or a glass like substance by exposure to heat.

People you might have heard about a particular type of tiles that are quite famous these days, by name “vitrified tiles”, they are called so because they undergo a process called as “Vitrification” which gives them a shiny, glass like appearance.

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