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Meanwhile, Jerry is dating a woman with an amazing toy collection, but she refuses to let him play with it, George’s girlfriend Miranda is disgusted with his apparent lack of humanity towards New York wildlife and Elaine has to deal with a co-worker who is a sidler (a person who moves silently up to another).

I love this episode because it just encapsulates what was all about.

But I love George’s difficulty in realizing that a beautiful woman is going out with him, so obsessed is he with the last short, bald, stocky man to attract her affections: the elusive Neil, who George thinks must be an exact clone of him, just with an extra feature like a top hat, monocle, or cane. For the first half of the episode, George is obsessing about Neil and hoping to meet him and thus doesn’t realize that Danielle (Chelsea Noble, who later appeared in the Left Behind films with her husband, Kirk Cameron) is inviting him to spend the night with her.

Things turn rather sharply for the last act, where George is not only actively dating Danielle, but tries to get one over Neil by asking her to move in and proposing marriage.

Akiva thought this was a classic episode, and really enjoyed that each of the four characters got a substantial storyline.

Rob agreed that it was an interesting episode, but he didn’t find it as hilarious as some others they’ve covered so far.

While the movie had come out in November of 1996—a few months before this episode aired—the timing was still perfect, just a couple weeks before it unsurprisingly swept the Academy Awards at the end of March. “The English Patient” is a pretty strong episode outside of Elaine, although Jerry’s willingness to help Kramer engage in human trafficking seems a little unusual, even for a laissez-faire man like Jerry.

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Each week, Nothing gloriously transpired as characters waited in lines, looked for parking space, smelled things or tried not to masturbate.

As you watched, you could place at least one person you knew who did the same thing.

Season 3, Episode 3 (1991) Jerry and Elaine go down to Florida for a weekend break to visit Jerry’s mother and father, go scuba diving and attend a ceremony that Jerry’s father is being honoured at.

Running from 1989 until 1998, it became the juggernaut of American television, voted the best show of all time by TV Guide readers.

Between 19 it was one of the two most-watched programmes in the US, and its finale was the third most watched in television history.

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