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A few days ago me and my good friend Ryan Romero from the 4WN had a little talk about some deep inner game mechanisms and decided to do a little collab to give you an insight on the concepts we discussed.

Learn about how the brain shapes reference experiences into new patterns of thought.

Unlike western women who became self-sufficient and independent, Russian girls accept traditional gender roles and they are family-oriented.

Of course, that made western men dream about creating a family with or at least dating Russian girls.

On the other hand, you will always be aware what’s on her mind.

In her turn, your Russian friend will expect you to be honest with her as well. In fact, this quality of Russian girls doesn’t need any introductions. Moreover, they love emphasizing their attractiveness with proper outfits and makeup.

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The vast majority of them are dreaming about a happy family and a house full of children. This is the part where most men make huge mistakes. Keep your first text short Don’t skip this one if you really want to succeed in dating Russian women. This is what people usually do when communication online – they get a message from an unknown user, they read the message quickly and look through the one’s profile.

Just in 20 minutes, she can create a splendid look.

In contrast to a popular stereotype, Russian girls aren’t just pretty dolls.

In most cases all you need to do if you want to win a Russian girl is to treat her right.

The thing is that Russian men rarely treat their women right. Russian women for dating are just great, they deserve a man who will treat them right and respect their desire and opinion. Don’t lie to a girl about serious relationships if all you want is a hookup.

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