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The law in Washington has allowed those convicted of sex and kidnapping offenses to be relieved of that duty under certain circumstances since sex offender registration was first imposed in the Community Protection Act of 1991.Washington law currently provides for a hybrid approach to ending the duty to register as a sex or kidnapping offender, with some offenses resulting in the automatic termination of the duty after a specified period of time in the community without any new serious criminal convictions, while other offenses require the person to petition the Court for a discretionary ruling on their request. - (AP) - A Delaware judge says a Maryland man who had sex with an underage girl does not have to register as a sex offender. O' Dell pleaded guilty to third-degree unlawful sexual contact after being indicted on charges of having sex with a 15-year-old girl when he was 19 years old.Court records indicate that the girl met O' Dell online then ran away with him after her mother kicked him out of their house. Failure to comply with the registration requirements is a Class 4 felony.

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Initially, the Legislature required individuals convicted of any violation of Chapter 14 (sexual offenses) or Chapter 35.1 (sexual exploitation of children) of Title 13 to register as sex offenders.

"He's not the same," said Mary Duval, a straight-talker who has become a full-time activist to reform sex offender legislation since her son's conviction. "Say you're on the registry, and you're in the mall and a kid comes up missing. You're the first person they're going to because you're on the sex offender registry." Blackman lived with the "sex offender" label for nearly four years, until a law that took effect in Oklahoma in November removed his name from the registry.

His soft-spoken, reserved manner belies Blackman's hulking physical presence -- a reminder of his days as a high school athlete.

Striking the duty to register is a complicated process and we recommend you consult with counsel to navigate this.

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